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Embark on the referral hiring of early crypto startups

Harness the boundless network of Web3 social.

Request referrals with rewards to friends and even beyond, and discover the qualified talents to invite to your team.

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Ask Web3 Frens for Referrals

Leverage Web3 social like Farcaster and Lens to request referrals from crypto specialists and their networks.

Offer reward incentives to broaden your reach to talents, filtering candidates based on location, tags, and interests.

Make connections meaningful

AI-Powered Personalization

Capture hearts with tailored messages for each individual.

Let AI craft the perfect DM for you, and instantly provide qualified recommendations incorporating the voice of the referrer.

Without taking time and request limits, ask many friends for help.

AI-Powered Personalization

Tokenized Rewards & Recommendations

Referrers can further request referrals from their network and split the rewards within.

With AI, compare job requirements with recommendations, creating a vetted recommendation that assesses the candidate’s suitability.

This recommendation then becomes an NFT, a prestigious item shaping the reputation of the referred individual.

Tokenized Rewards & Recommendations

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Be a pioneer in reshaping the future of referral hiring.


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